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Let POST manage the most critical part in your journey as an Amazon seller by automating your reviews, feedback and increases customer engagement and loyalty.

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Your touch. Our POST. Let’s deliver!

It is a well known fact that connecting with a customer at crucial touch points increases customer engagement and loyalty. Let POST do that for you.

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Easily navigate and manage all your subscriptions from one single launchpad!

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Automate your routine communications with your customers by using one of our home grown templates or creating your own. Interact with each customer at various touch points to never lose a beat in proving excellent customer service

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Keep track of your marketing and communication efforts by using our state of the art AI enabled analytics tool. Smart, effective and simple.

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Your goals, Our POST - let's deliver

Automate and take your feedback and reviews to the next level. Create customer touch points and send relevant, targeted and timely messages to your buyers at different stages in your fulfillment process. Encourage your buyers to review your product and services. Amp up review and feedback management, analyze your outreach, manage blacklists and a lot more with POST.

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Create compelling stories by customizing your own templates or using one of our easy to use templates to improve customer experience and engagement. Automate engagement through the order fulfillment process and never miss a beat of availing of plausible selling opportunities!