Walmart Integration

Effortlessly broaden your reach on Walmart with our comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce Business Management solution. Discover the power of RockitSeller and Walmart's marketplace synergy. Take your ecommerce business to new heights with our cutting-edge software, tailored specifically for ambitious sellers like you.

Encountering difficulties while setting up your Walmart account? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Simply this link to create a new seller account. Rest assured, we'll assist you by liaising with Walmart to ensure a smooth and successful account setup process.


Right from the start, unlock a range of powerful features offered by our innovative software. Harness these capabilities to enhance your operations and drive business growth.

RockitSeller listing automation Listing Automation

Effortlessly synchronize your listings with Walmart from various connected platforms, ensuring seamless updates. Take advantage of automatic inventory threshold settings to prevent orders for out-of-stock items.

RockitSeller order fulfillment Automated Fulfillment

Streamline the fulfillment process for your connected marketplace orders with automated workflows requiring minimal intervention. Experience seamless scalability with RockitSeller.

RockitSeller automated repricer Automated Repricer

Stay ahead of your competitors by implementing rule-based repricing strategies that adapt to market dynamics. With RockitSeller, effortlessly configure BuyBox and Velocity-based repricing rules, ensuring consistent competitiveness in real-time.

RockitSeller profits dashboard Accurate Profits Dashboard

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your business at any given moment. Obtain precise profitability statistics, down to the SKU level, for any desired period, ensuring accurate insights into your financial performance.

RockitSeller expense management Expense Management

Efficiently track and manage your daily, monthly, and annual expenses to gain precise insights into your bottom line. Analyze and compare your storage fees, allowing you to identify the SKUs that have the highest cost impact on your business.

RockitSeller vendor management Vendor Management

Manage vendors and assign SKUs. Configure the system to automatically create purchase orders based on your reorder frequency and sales rate so you never face an out of stock situation.

RockitSeller inventory aging Inventory aging

Obtain a precise overview of your warehouse inventory, ensuring accurate tracking. Analyze your shipments to identify any discrepancies that may arise. Gain SKU-level insights into inventory aging, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your stock.

RockitSeller Analysis Analysis

Effortlessly handle vendor management and SKU assignment within the system. Configure automated purchase order creation based on your desired reorder frequency and sales rate, ensuring you never encounter an out-of-stock situation.

RockitSeller Analysis Inventory Planning

Strategize your inventory management by considering your current sales rate, warehouse inventory, and pending orders. Automate the creation of purchase orders. Simplify your inventory planning and ensure optimal stock levels effortlessly.

RockitSeller refund management Refund Management

Gain valuable insights into your refunds at the SKU level, allowing you to analyze and understand the reasons behind returns. Take proactive measures to address the root causes, enabling you to minimize returns and enhance customer satisfaction.